Lee Mercer Jr. Is Already Running Television Ads For The Next Presidential Election

His maximum thrilling platform point: “a brand new computerized government with a view to run the office of the President of the US with a pc.”

Meet the first individual to run commercials for the next presidential election: perennial candidate Lee Mercer Jr. Of Texas, who has already filed paperwork with the FEC to run for president in 2016.

Mercer’s TV advert ran at a reduced fee on several channels. A Brooklyn resident advised BuzzFeed he saw the economic at the same time as watching a hockey sport on NBC Sports on January twenty ninth, and those on Twitter spoke back that they noticed the advert that day as properly.

“Lee L. Mercer, Jr. Of Houston, Texas is saying his campaign for President of the USA in 2016 as a democrat to shop America with Intelligence Management Education,” the advert says.”He is campaigning a Special Election Government Platform New Neutral Developed Intelligence Second U. S. Government that was patented in 2000 via the U.S. Department of Justice and Defense research and improvement checking out.”

“The U.S. Congress’s bid appointed him Conservator President of the USA

with power of lawyer. Political advert authorized and paid for with the aid of Mercer for President,” the advert concludes.

He’s walking “due to the fact I ran in both preceding elections and I have what it takes to solve some of these issues that they’re having up there.”

How does Mercer plan on solving most of these issues? He says he has “a brand new government patent” and that he “plans to demonstrate it.”

What is the patent for?

Mercer said he “invented a pc authorities,” including his platform is primarily based on “a new automatic authorities so that it will run the office of the President of the United States with a laptop.”

Mercer’s hoping the ads will convey attention to his campaign and that through beginning early he may be capable of generate fundraising.

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